OMEN Blast Headset (1A858AA)

OMEN Blast Headset (1A858AA): All features
No game will ever sound the same Use our elite audio equalizer to create and manage unique audio profiles for all your games in OMEN Command Center.
Noise is cancelled. Voices are renewed. Isolate all the sweet things you say for all to hear with the retractable uni-directional passive noise-cancelling mic.
Play everything by ear One headset rules them all: PC, PS4, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch. Now you can throw out all your inferior headsets.
The no-look volume control Keep your eyes on the game with no-look volume and mute controls right on the cable.
Warning: You may forget you're wearing them No more ear pain if you ever decide to pull off your headset, thanks to suspension headband and super-duper-soft padding.